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Investment consulting

Our experience in design and consulting has taught us that the proper preparation of an investment project plays an important role in the investment process and subsequent business activity. Therefore, we provide our clients with support at all stages of the process, ranging from the choice of the perfect location and preparation of the financial package through to obtaining all required administrative permits and the choice of contractors and suppliers.

Obtaining funds

We boast many years of experience in acquiring funds from domestic and foreign sources. Our projects have been successful in receiving funding under regional and national operational programmes, as well as under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. We are equally successful in helping our clients with the implementation of environmental projects. We draw up applications for funding from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) and Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (WFOŚiGW). The funding application we prepared for Geotermia Pyrzyce was rated by the European Commission as one of the best LIFE projects completed in 2015.

Project management and accounting for projects

We are aware that an effective preparation of a project and obtaining the necessary funds is only half the battle. Therefore, we also support our partners during the project implementation phase by providing multi-discipline site supervision services and Owner’s Engineer services. We offer services in Project Supervision on behalf of the Investor (project supervisor) based on the resources and competences that guarantee the proper performance of the function entrusted to us. Our team of experts and consultants have the knowledge and experience in coordination and financial accounting of a wide range of projects, including those financed by the EU.

Preparation of strategic and sectoral documents

A dynamic and stable growth requires a solid base and properly selected strategy. By creating the foundations for long-term development, we help our clients to put their visions and ideas into practice. We draw up business plans, development strategies, revitalisation programmes, low-carbon economy plans and other strategic and sectoral document

Implementation of Safety Management System

The changing reality presents a new challenge for both the private and public sectors, i.e. ensuring the safety of business activities under the conditions of an increased operational and business risk. At Archice, you can benefit from the extensive experience and knowledge of our experts who will help you implement an operational safety management system, thereby increasing your company’s ability to withstand modern-day risks.

Process Optimisation

Present-day companies are faced with a visible paradox of management, i.e. “stability vs. changeability” On the one hand, an organisation strives to maximise the stability of its operations, on the one hand, it seeks to introduce constant changes, to increase the level of development and, obviously, boost the profits. In an era of major changes taking place in the market, a company’s position is determined by the pace of adjustment of its internal processes.

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