Preparation of strategic and sectoral documents

Fulfilment of visions and dreams through knowledge and experience

A dynamic and stable growth requires a solid base and properly selected strategy. By creating the foundations for long-term development, we help our clients to put their visions and ideas into practice. We draw up business plans, development strategies, revitalisation programmes, low-carbon economy plans and other strategic and sectoral documents.

Our team is composed of people who are experts in many areas of social and economic life. They have experience in business, science and local government sectors. Therefore, irrespective of our clients’ scope of activities, we are always able to provide them with complete and comprehensive qualitative support in the diagnosis, identification of objectives and ways of achieving them.

Archice design and consulting firm has the ability to combine engineering know-how and consulting services in manner that is unique in the market. As a result, our clients can be confident that the solutions we propose are always viable and tailored to their needs.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • business growth strategies

  • business plans

  • development strategies of local government units

  • local revitalisation programmes

  • investment attractiveness analyses

  • low-carbon economy strategies

  • draft assumptions for the plans of heat, electricity and gas fuels supply

  • water and wastewater management plans

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