Process Optimisation

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Present-day companies are faced with a visible paradox of management, i.e. “stability vs. changeability” On the one hand, an organisation strives to maximise the stability of its operations, on the one hand, it seeks to introduce constant changes, to increase the level of development and, obviously, boost the profits. In an era of major changes taking place in the market, a company’s position is determined by the pace of adjustment of its internal processes. The level of process effectiveness is an indicator of a company’s pace of growth. Today, processes must be designed in such a way as to eliminate errors and problems in the initial stage. It is not only important to know “what to do” but, above all, “how to do it”. Process mapping enables the identification of the correct course of a process and detection of errors which could not be discovered by the “naked eye”. The introduction of structural changes that boost efficiency sets the directions for process optimisation. The use of proper methods and tools, e.g.: reengineering, enables the design of a process that is tailored to the company’s needs and has the level of effectiveness needed to accelerate profit generation. A process may always become more efficient, it should always be improved, since an optimal process should be beneficial, economical and, most importantly, effective.

Archice provides services in process design, mapping and optimisation in the following areas:

  • Human resources restructuring and management

  • Logistics and supply chains

  • Production

  • Transport

  • Relations with clients and suppliers

  • Internal and external audit

  • Market analysis

  • Sales and supply efficiency

  • Corporate social responsibility

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