Implementation of Safety Management System

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The changing reality presents a new challenge for both the private and public sectors, i.e. ensuring the safety of business activities under the conditions of an increased operational and business risk. At Archice, you can benefit from the extensive experience and knowledge of our experts who will help you implement an operational safety management system, thereby increasing your company’s ability to withstand modern-day risks.

A Safety Management System (SMS) is a method of shaping the internal system of an organisation in order to minimise the risks associated with the conducted business activity and their potential consequences. SMS has been successfully implemented in aviation and nuclear power industry. At present, however, active safety management is also applied in other sectors, such as rail transport, maritime transport, or petrochemical industry.

The objective of an SMS is to integrate under one system all aspects of a company’s safety, especially operational and technological safety, and introduce the procedures for monitoring, assessment and active risk policy making in order minimise risks to a level that is acceptable from the financial, economic and operational point of view.

A safety management system shifts away from treating the term “safety” as equivalent to the concept of “protection”, and puts an equal emphasis on ensuring the continuity and stability of a company’s activity, and minimising the hazards associated with accidents or other adverse events.

The guiding principle of an SMS is to predict and prevent situations which might lead to a decreased level of safety and disruption of business operations. This is achieved by:  continuous multifaceted monitoring of maintenance tasks, building awareness among the personnel, using the best practices of personnel management and cooperation with the personnel, and creating transparent, comprehensible and effective procedures.

In the economic sphere, an SMS is a perfect example of how, by spending relatively modest amounts on implementation and improving the skills and awareness of the personnel, an organisation can minimise the costs to which it would be exposed in the event of unforeseen accidents, failures or other major technical problems.

For a company and its operational processes, a Safety Management System plays a role equivalent to that played by the standards PN-N-18001/OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety. It is much cheaper to implement an SMS along with a personnel training programme than suffer financial penalties for delays in order processing, or cover the costs of removing the consequences of an industrial accident. Moreover, a Safety Management System is an important factor reducing the insurance risk.

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